Thursday, October 29, 2009

Climate Change

Check out this video clip that was on CNN.


Stefania said...

Hey there, Just noticed that I'm on your blog roll. I changed my blog address to:

Come visit!
Stefania (formerly The Veg Next Door)

Born to be Vegan said...

Thanks! I was wondering what happened to the Veg Next Door! I actually saw a comment you left on another blog (Vegan Heart Doc I think?) and I went to your new blog from there. I'll update my blog roll so other know where to find you!

I'm glad your still online - I love reading your blog!


Stefania said...

Thanks Jaime. Your meals look delish.

Brandi said...

I really like this publicity...but the people the interviewed annoyed me! "Cant live on that green stuff all the time. Lets be honest." Ugh.