Tuesday, May 19, 2009


When I first saw the vegveeta post over at Dreena's blog I was very excited. We ate fairly healthy growing up but we had some pretty bad stuff too and velveeta melted with salsa was a favourite of ours growing up. I know its disgusting when I think of it now but I loved it. So when it was time to vote for which recipe people wanted most I certainly knew which item I was voting for (although they all looking delicious). I was so excited when the vegveeta won! I went to the store immediately to buy all the stuff I needed (hand most of it one hand except the tahini) and of course life got crazy busy and all thoughts of vegveeta left my head. Until last night. We decided to have nacho nest and I thought what better time to try the vegveeta. 

I had very high expectations for this recipe. Even though I haven't had the velveeta/salsa thing in a long time I seem to remember vividly what it taste like. And I so wanted to like this recipe. After I blended everything and went to put it in a pot to heat and thicken I was worried because it didn't smell that great. But I waited until it was bubbly and hot and had another whiff. Still smelt pretty off. Then I added the salsa. Still not smelling that great. So I had a little taste. I was awesome! It actually tasted like velveeta/salsa! I couldn't believe it! I've heard many people say things like," have a veggie dog, it taste just like a hotdog but its much better for you." I applaud all efforts for getting people to cut back or stop eating meat but your not going to fool anyone with a veggie dog. I think its products like that that give vegetarian cuisine a bad rap. Better to eat foods that are naturally vegan. And thats why I was a little worried about the vegveeta but its incredible! I poured some over my chickpeas and topped it with tomatoes and green onions. Some black olives and avocado would have been perfect but I was out and didn't feel like going to the store in the snow to get some (thats right its snowing here!) 

If you haven't made this yet you have to put it on your list of must makes. I wouldn't hesitate to serve this to any omnivore it taste that authentic. I'm going to make this for the next family gathering that we have. I think it will really knock people's socks off! 

What are you waiting for...go make this asap!

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