Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blue Plate Diner

As I mentioned in my last post part of my Mothers Day gift was supper out at a favourite restaurant of mine called the Blue Plate Diner. The Blue Plate Diner is a quaint little spot in downtown Edmonton that serves a little bit of everything. For every meat dish there is a vegetarian or vegan counterpart and that is a good because my whole family is not fact they are not even vegetarian! As I read back through some of my past post I realized that it sounds like all 4 of us are vegan but that is not the case at all and I wanted to clear that up. I am the only true vegan of the family. My children are mostly vegetarian, especially the youngest, she hates meat but they both like the odd bit of fish. Both children follow a dairy free diet for heath reasons and neither likes eggs and I do all my baking vegan style so they eat no eggs at all. My husband is not a vegetarian and I serious doubt he ever will be. Thats ok with me. He has always been respectful and support of my choice to be vegan and so I support his right to make his own choice as well. As for our children we too will let them make their own choice and so far they are leaning towards vegan. My youngest hates meat and loves legumes while oldest is starting to get very passionate about animals and is starting to understand where meat comes from and she is not alright with that. My Husband encourages them to choose the vegan options most of the time because he knows it healthier for them.Not matter what they choose, all 3 of them are extraordinary and I love them very much! 

Back to the Blue Plate Diner it doesn't matter if your all vegan or vegetarian or omnivores...go check it out, you will not be disappointed. The menu is clearly marked if a item is vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free. Most Vegetarian options can be made vegan is you ask them to. Many of the ingredients are local and the service is awesome, very friendly and helpful staff. Portions are hearty, in fact I can't finish a meal most of the time and I'm a pretty good eater. Prices are reasonable, you won't have to wash dishes afterwards.

My personal favourite is the chickpea curry. Its served with saffron rice and grilled vegetables. But for my Mother's Day meal I decided to go for the Famous Veg Burger (made vegan by leaving off the cheese and mayo) with the sweet potatoe fries (best ever) and grilled vegetables. For dessert we all shared the Vegan Chocolate Mousse....hands down the best Vegan Chocolate Mousse I have ever had! 

So if you live in the Edmonton area go give the Blue Plate Diner a try, you won't be disappointed!

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