Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Eats

Some birthdays are a blowout and some are extra great. This birthday was an extra great one. This year my birthday coincided with my one day a week in the office which turned out great. The ladies I work with know that one of my favourite restaurants is the Blue Plate Diner so my boss took us all out there for lunch. I had the veg burger with the sweet potatoe fires (it was between that and the indian platter which they make vegan by taking off the chicken and adding in more curried chickpeas but it felt like a burger kind of day so veg burger it was) and we all shared an order of the vegan chocolate mousse. Everyone was blown away by how darn awesome it boss loved it and he thinks he hates tofu. Then my husband and children took my out for supper that night and we had birthday cake at home. I don't usually eat out that much but it was nice to have a night off in the kitchen, even though I love to cook.

On Friday night my Husband took me out for a special birthday dinner - just the two of us , which rarely  happens! We went to one of our favourite italian restaurants. The chef was very accommodating and I had a great vegan dinner. We shared an order of bruschetta - best bruschetta ever! - and then the chef prepared an awesome salad with baby greens tomatoes, olives, artichokes and mixed peppers with a red wine vinaigrette. After so much eating out this week I felt like a lighter supper. The chef had a few vegan pasta dishes for me to choose from but the salad was perfect for that night. The meal was so great we didn't have room for dessert!

On Saturday my sister had a special birthday BBQ for me at her house. Everyone made an extra effort to be accommodating for this family dinner and it was much appreciated. That alone was a great gift. We started off with some guacamole, salsa and chips. 

And we also had some spicy hummus to dip the chips in. Everyone loves this particular hummus  - it never lasts too long at a family gathering. It has roasted jalapenos and coriander in it. The kids find it a little too spicy, probably because they don't dip so much as scoop it up by the heapfuls. Thats ok, more for us adults.

Below is my plate from the BBQ. I had a Grilled Balsamic Portobello Mushroom burger with lettucce, tomatoe, red onion and avocado on it. The bread was a roasted garlic ciabatta. It was so good my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. I had also made Vcon's Quinoa, Mango and Black Bean Salad and my sister made an asian broccoli slaw salad. They was also some veggies and dip and a potatoe salad to round out the meal. It was delicious!

I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of my birthday cake! I made the Raspberry Blackout Cake with with Ganche-y Frosting from VwaV. It was really really good. Almost everyone had seconds, and a few had thirds! The only change I made in the recipe was I used almond milk everywhere it called for soy milk or creamer. If you haven't tried it yet I would definitely recommend it for any special occasion cake. 

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