Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summer Pasta

If you can believe it I am still not done spring cleaning. You are probably wondering how that is possible. Believe me, if you met my children, you'd understand. They are busy kids, they run non stop. From the time they get up till they finally fall asleep they are constantly in motion. The only time they slow down is when they are sick....I'll take busy kids over sick kids any day. Right now they are spending most of their time outside which means I am spending most of my time outside as well and that my friends is why my spring cleaning is not yet done...I'm too busy playing outside!

But I have also been playing inside the kitchen as well. Now that the nice weather is finally here its time to lighten up the meals so I've been trying a few new recipes out.

First up is one I saw on the site. Its for a Italian-style Spaghetti Squash. Now you may argue that this is not really a spring/summer meal as really you could make it anytime of the year but since it is all vegetable based I think it makes a nice meal when your not in the mood for something too heavy. I took a picture but its terrible so here is the link to the recipe. Their picture is much nicer.

Ok next up is not really a recipe but just an idea I had in my head. Grilled vegetables are a summer favourite at our house so I thought I'd grill some veg up and toss it with pasta. Below is the results.

Like I said, no real recipe here. I just chopped some zucchini, asparagus, red onion, and cherry tomatoes up into bit size pieces (not the tomatoes, I left those whole as you can see) and I marinated them in Renee's Sun Dried Tomatoes and Black Olive dressing for a few hours. Then we grilled them on the BBQ and tossed with pasta. We also had some garlic toast with this. I was too rushed to make a salad but we had a good dose of veggies in this dish so I don't feel too guilty. You know what the best thing was about this meal....I finally took a good picture! Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this food photography thing. Below is a close up.

And to end off a great dinner we had a great dessert. We have been going through alot of the Coconut Milk ice cream in this house. By the looks of our grocery bills way too much of it. The girls are in love with this ice cream as am I. Its just so darn good and how can you not like an ice cream that has 6 grams of fibre per serving!? The girls like the Cookie Dough one best while I'm partial to the Chocolate. But we don't just love the ice cream, we love all the other treats as well, including these...
This little ice cream sandwiches are ridiculously good. Unfortunately we are going to have to start controlling our ice cream urges a bit because we can not continue to spend all that money on ice cream. I have pre-ordered The Vegan Scoop on and although the recipes are all soy based (a no no over here) I'm sure we can adapt them to make use of coconut and almond milk. 

You know what goes good with ice cream....a warm brownie. And I have just found THE recipe for the perfect vegan brownie. I'll post more about it tomorrow.

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