Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nacho Nests

I promise I am trying to blog regularly but right now I have a bit of spring cleaning fever and so we are busy getting boxes packed for the goodwill and cleaning. So things haven't been too exciting in the kitchen but I thought I'd share my lunch from yesterday with you.

When me and my siblings were youngster one of our favorite meals was tacos. It was always a special dinner when my mom would do tacos with all the fixings. When I went vegetarian I would still have my beloved tacos but I'd use veggie ground in place of the meat and load up with the toppings, especially the sour cream and cheese.  I thought when I went vegan that tacos would be off the menu. I thought a taco couldn't be good without all the cheese and sour cream. I was wrong, very wrong. Guacamole is the best taco topping ever and that long with chopped tomatoes, green onions and olives makes great tacos, I don't even miss the cheese and sour cream. I make tacos with all different kind of fillings depending on my mood. Sometimes I make Chickpea Tacos, sometimes I make a Lentil Taco filling and sometimes I use whatever I have in my fridge to use up. Yesterday I had some black beans to use up so I mixed those up with some salsa and cumin in a pan. It made quite a tasty filling and I always have black beans on hand so I'll probably but adding this filling to the rotation.

Now since tacos were one of my favorite meals as we one I was sure my kids were gonna love them too. I was wrong again (don't tell my Husband!). I soon discovered what the problem was with them and tacos. They don't like the shells. The hard ones break on them and the soft ones fall apart on them too. So below is the solution to the problem.

I have dubbed these "Nacho Nests". I noticed that the kids hated tacos but seemed to like nachos. Same flavours, different way of eating. We now make nacho nest. I start with a bed of shredded lettuce (the "nest") then start piling in the fixings. So above is my nest with black bean filling, chopped tomatoes, green onions, homemade guac and a squeeze of lime. I was out of olives or I would have put them on too and I wish I had make some pico de gallo. If you like the mock sour creams and cheeses they would be great here too. We just don't eat too many of those foods. The other taco fillings I make go great in here too. And to scoop it all up we like the hint of lime type of tortilla chips you can buy at almost any store. These make a great lunch of dinner and the kids think its really fun to "fill up" their "nest". Everyone is happy and full after this meal.

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