Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gluten Free Pasta

Lots to share today so I'll get straight to it.

For the last 6 months or so we have been experimenting with some gluten free pastas. Not that we don't eat gluten, we certainly enjoy out fair share. In fact I felt that we probably had more than our fair share of gluten so in an effort to vary our diet I decided to switch to gluten free pastas. That was a big decision for us because we eat a lot of pasta in this house. With so many different pastas, sauces, and veggie combinations, its easy to change things up so you don't eat the same old pasta dish everytime. So when we (and by we I mean me cuz I'm the cook and those would don't help in the kitchen get no say in what they are served, they just eat what they get) decided to switch to gluten free we had to find a brand that we really liked. 

First up we tried the Tinkyada brand. I've heard lots of good things about this pasta but for us it just didn't work. The pasta was gummy and gloopy. The kids hated it and I hated wasting all that money on pasta that no one would eat. Then we tried the Rizopia organic brown rice pasta. This one is great. The penne is the best penne we have ever had, its that perfect tube shape that soaks up the sauce so nice. The kids love the Fantasia pasta. It has 15 or 16 different shapes in it. I mix that with a tomato & basil sauce for them and they love it. It reminds me of the alphaghetti I used to eat as a child but this is a million times tastier and healthier. My only complaint with the Rizopia brand pasta is their linguine. I find it doesn't matter how big the pot the pasta always sticks together. Other than that we really like this brand of gluten free pasta. 

Another one that we really like is a Quinoa pasta from GOGO Quinoa. We've only tried the spaghetti but it is excellent. Takes a little longer to cook than wheat spaghetti (takes about 15 minutes) but its got a nice flavour and texture. My complaint with this one is the box of pasta you get is a little small. We have to make 2 boxes to feed a family of 4 but its nice to have a few varieties on hand.

On an unrelated note, I was super excited to see that the Purely Decadent Coconut milk ice cream line has finally come to Canada! I have emailed the company several times to inquire when they might start shipping to Canada. Sadly, the yogurts and beverage are not here yet but I'm sure (I hope!) that they will be coming soon! Since I couldn't wait for the coconut yogurt to come I started to experiment with making my own...details to come in my next post.

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