Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Sniffle Kind of Day

The weather here today was not great. Chilly, snowing and windy. I have been fighting off this tiny little cold for a week now and since I'm getting zero sleep (my 5 year old thinks midnight is storytime. Or time to make bead necklaces, pretty much time to do anything but sleep) its tough to get 100% better.

And so when I woke up this morning and saw the weather outside I knew we had to have Sniffle Soup for supper. This was the first recipe of Dreena's that I ever made. She had posted the recipe on her blog and I made it and immediately ordered her book. There are many reasons why I love this soup; its easy to make, its very easy on the wallet, its filling, its delicious, and it freezes very well. We had this soup along with a green salad and GTS sandwiches (guacamole, tomatoe and sprout). Perfect winter night meal. 

Tomorrow my youngest turns 2. My niece (my Brother's daughter) also turns 2 tomorrow. Thats right we had babies the same day. We had rooms across the hall from each other in the delivery unit and rooms next to each other in the post natal unit. My daughter was born first and 64 minutes later my niece made her entrance. It was one stop visiting for our family. We will be taking my youngest out for a special birthday dinner and Saturday my brother and sil are having a birthday party for my niece (we had our party this past weekend. Nothing like have a sit down dinner for 45 people!). I have a super dinner menu planned for next week and I look forward to sharing the yummy food pics with everyone!

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