Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Reviews

I was hoping to do a food post today but I am having picture problems so I thought I'd share my thoughts on 2 products I've tried recently.

First up is Barlean's Omega Swirl Flax Oil supplement. This is a great product especially if you have young children. It's strawberry-banana flavour is a hit with the girls (I'm not a hugh banana fan but even I like it) and it is completely non-greasy tasting. It actually taste like a strawberry banana smoothie. We take it straight on a spoon. One serving has a complete days worth of omega 3's. I highly recommend this one if you are looking for a tasty way to get more omega 3's.

Second is the original flavour hemp protein powder from Living Harvest. Not that I fear that I am protein deficient but I thought a scoop or two might be a good addition to a morning smoothie. I want a more substantial breakfast smoothie and it the summer a smoothie is often a meal for me when its too hot out to eat. I think that hemp protein powder is nutritionally superior to soy protein powder based on the reserach I have done.Its high in fiber, and it has that perfect balance of omega 3's to omega 6's. The taste is ok. I certainly wouldn't be eating it out of the container straight but I mix it with raspberries, strawberries and vanilla almond milk and it goes down just fine. I will say that a serving is 4 tbsp and I currently use 1-2 tbsp. Its really not bad tasting but I think it will take my taste buds a bit of time to adjust so I'm starting off slow. Living Harvest also sells 2 flavoured protein powders, Chocolate Chili and Vanilla Spice. I went with the plain one so I could but it in most any smoothie but I've heard good things about the flavoured varieties as well. Overall I'd give this product the thumbs up. I find I do feel fuller for longer in the mornings. Also makes a great post workout snack.

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