Tuesday, January 13, 2009


...to me on falling off the blogging wagon so quickly this new year! But the year is young and I'm just gonna dust myself off and jump back on the wagon.

The truth is I have an excuse for my absence. I've been sick, and both of my girls have been sick to. We all had this killer cold and I'm not exaggerating about the severity of this sucker. I haven't been sick like that with a cold in many years. I was almost bed ridden if you can believe it. However nothing gets in the way of a day in bed like two sick kids. My husband did a pretty good job of taking care of us until he had to go back to work (earlier than planned) so I had to buck up and drag myself off the couch. Fortunately, we all survived and the cold is almost gone.

Meals haven't been the most exciting around here. I had almost no appetite at all and pretty much sustained myself on smoothies. Not just any smoothie mind you, these smoothies are green and really refreshing. I mentioned before that I have a vita mix. I love my vita mix and a day does not go by that I don't use it. Me and the girls have a green smoothie every morning and usually another one for afternoon snack. I know many people who say that the vita mix is nothing but I super expensive blender but it really is so much more than that. And so to make up for my lack of blogging so far this year I'm going to do a post tonight about my special green smoothie and why the vita mix is my most used appliance.

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