Monday, December 1, 2008

Where does the time go...

I am almost embarrassed that I have posted in so long. I have no excuse really. Yes we've been busy but no busier than usual. I have, however, been feeling more lazy than usual. I hate those funks you get in when you just don't feel motivated to do anything...its not that I was feeling depressed or sad or anything I was just happy to waste away time dong practically nothing. I think another part of it was I went into reading overdrive. Oh how I love my books and although I read consistently throughout the year there are times I periodically go into overdrive reading a book a day. Such has been the case lately. And that eats up alot of time (obviously!). But no longer will I be wasting away the day with my nose in a book. I am ready to get back into the swing of things and kick it into overdrive once again. And I promise a food post tonight! Reading all of your blogs keeps me very motivated and feeling part of the "community" if you will. I have no friends that are vegan or even vegetarian (although my sister wants to go veg but has a very dificult time with willpower, but thats another story for another time). It time to get back on the blogging wagon.

Till tonight!

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