Monday, December 29, 2008

Its that time of year again...New Years Resolutions time!

The holidays are behind us and I had a great time with family and friends. And the food. Oh the food....the brunches, the lunches, the appetizers, the huge suppers, the christmas drinks, the treats. You get the picture, I ate way too much! And although it was vegan and relatively healthy compared to what some of my dining companions were chowing down on, it is down right embarrassing the quantity of food I managed to eat. While quality of food is the most important issue for me when I make a food choice quantity also needs to be considered.

And so, now that I am fully ashamed of myself for proving to everyone that I can still out eat them, I'm using that guilt as inspiration for my News Years Resolution.

To be honest I both love and hate making a New Years Resolution. For me the new year always brings a feeling of renewal, thats the love part. And although I have made many a new years resolution in the past that has almost always been forgotten by the end of January, thats the part I hate. January doesn't seem to be a good time for me to make changes. I'm not sure why, but to be honest I think it has much to do with the weather. Here in the Great White North the weather can be down right wretched January - March. And when its snowing, windy and -40 I'm not much in the mood to do much but hibernate (read: light a fire and  lay on the couch with a good book).  I have found that spring and fall seem to be when I make big changes in my life, particularly the fall. But this year I have a few resolutions that I know I'm going to make good on because most of these resolutions are urgently needed and time is of the essence, -40 or not.

My next post will outline resolutions and my plan of attack to get it done.

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