Saturday, December 6, 2008

Better late than never.

Ok so I'm a little bit late with this post but I have a good excuse...I was super busy in the kitchen trying out some new recipes. Unfortunately my camera is not working properly these days so no pics.

First up was a "cheese" sauce recipe that I found here. I have been looking for a cheese sauce recipe that is soy free for sometime now and we finally have a winner. I wouldn't call this a cheese sauce exactly, I'd say its more of a cream sauce, closer to an alfredo maybe. It was excellent on pasta with some steamed broc. My youngest loved it, couldn't get it in her mouth fast enough. My oldest didn't like it but she only tried one bite so I'm going to try again with her. My mom gave it a two thumbs up too and even brought some to work for her co-workers to try. 

Then we tried the Great Grain and Veggie burgers from Vegan Planet. Ever since I saw these on Carrie's blog I wanted to make them. As soon as I took one sniff of the mixture I knew these were going to be winners. The are hands down the best "burger" patty I have had. They only thing I didn't put in them was the roasted red pepper. We had them with guacamole, red onion, tomatoe, lettuce and pickles and home fries on the side. I had enough of the ingredients to make 2 batches and we froze the second batch. I'll post an update on how they turn out from the freezer. I too went with the Curious George angle. My youngest will eat anything so its never a challenge with her but the oldest is a little picky. These may become Dora burgers nest time.

The last new recipe of the week was the Savory French Lentil recipe from ED&BV. These were awesome! These will be on the regular rotation for sure. Make sure you use the mushroom boullion cube, it really makes the recipe. This was my first time cooking with French Lentils and I really liked them. I love almost all legumes and lentils are right at the top. These really hold their shape well and had a slightly firmer texture than regular green lentils. My mom hates lentils because as a teenager she worked at a nursing home and they served lentils apon occasion. She thinks lentils taste like rabbit turds (her words not mine!) but I bet I could change her mind with this recipe. I had them with some leftover brown basmati rice and a green salad with sun dried tomatoe and olive vinegrette. Made an awesome supper on a cold winter night.

Well thats all from me tonight. I plan on trying a few more new recipes this week so I'll keep you posted.

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