Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Winner from ED&BV

So today it was a balmy -25 degrees celsius (that was the high folks) and I knew I needed a winter kinda supper. I also needed an easy to prepare supper because this week is the busiest for me leading up to Christmas. ED&BV's Quinoa Confetti Casserole fit the bill on both accounts. First off, you have to love a dinner that using only one pot (casserole dish in this case) and takes about 5 minutes to prep. Then its in the oven for an hour while I get the laundry done (most of the laundry the laundry ever really done?). I had high hopes for this dish  and it did not disappoint. I replaced the fennel with zucchini but other than that I made no alterations to the recipe. I loved it! I'll be making this one on a regular basis. And it makes alot so if you have a crowd to feed or want a dish that will be supper and lunch the next day give this one a try. I'll be enjoying the leftovers tomorrow and probably the next day as well. I served it with a nice crisp green salad with a maple balsamic vinaigrette. Perfect meal on a cold winter night. Below is the crappy photo I took of it. Don't be scared off by my photography, its much tastier than it looks in this photo. I promise one day I'll snap a decent pic!

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